Basic Principles of Search Engine

Search Engines require a lot of effort to learn. The algorithms used in Search Engines are constantly changing in order for people to keep up to date. If you area company or business or even as a personal brand, you want your website to rank high on the search engine. The highest your website is, the easier people will fins you when looking for keywords related to you. How do we do that?

1. Quality Content

First thing about Search Engines is to make sure your website talks about things that are related to each other. The algorithms look for keywords in your page. The words that repeat the most (without exaggerating) will be your keywords that later when people type them in their search will help you be higher on the search. The more words your website has, the higher the possibility of including your keywords more frequently. It is why, blogging helps your Search Engine ranking.

2. Meta Tags

In the coding of the page there are things called “meta tags” which are tags where you include your keywords as well. Search engines look for that. WARNING: If your meta tag keywords are not related to you content, search engines will penalise your ranking.

3. Image tags

It is important that you name your images properly. Search engines want to make sure your images are related to your content. In order to ensure Search engines can find the correlation easily, you want to name your images in much detail. Also, on the code you can create and “alt” tag, which is a description of the picture that only appears on the code, that helps on your optimisation.

4. Backlinks

You want to be viewed as a trustable source. The more trustable you are, the higher Search Engines will rank you. When people link back to your website on theirs, Search engine’s think it is because you are a good source. However, if those websites are not trustable your website will also get penalised. The downside about this part is that you cannot control who links back to your website. This is why it is important to create good quality content so only other quality websites use you as a source. Let’s rank high!