BrightPay - Funding a bright future

Our app BrightPay advances mobile payment systems into using secure peer to peer transactions.


When users download BrightPay and load their cards into the app, each time a user pays with BrightPay using NFC technology, a percentage of the transaction fee between the merchant, BrightPay, and credit card and debit issuers is automatically set aside in a donation pool for local or national charities and organizations of your choice. Then at the end of each fiscal quarter, that donation pool created by all BrightPay users is then donated to those organizations and charities. In the app users can choose from a database of organizations and charities in which they would like money to go to each time they pay with BrightPay. Users can also track their transactions and see how much money is being donated from their purchases.

The Problem

With BrightPay the problem we are trying to solve is how to redirect the money from corporations, banks, and governments back into the communities in need. After doing extensive research into the journey, money takes every time we as consumers make a purchase. We discovered one critical point in the transaction process where money is hidden and often pocketed by Credit Card companies and Banks. This critical point is the transaction fees associated with using credit cards and debit cards to make purchases.



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