Digital Marketing E-book

Electric Digital Marketing: How To Jumpstart Your Strategy

This book is a free and easy guide to learning the fundamentals of digital marketing. The e-book was created as a part of a digital marketing class at Southern New Hampshire University. We wrote, published and promoted the book. Team work and communication were important in this project in order to make every step of the process possible. 

The Project

Electric Digital Marketing: How to Jumpstart Your Strategy is designed to take the guesswork out of Digital Marketing. Guided by our experience in the classroom and working with outside clients, as a class we meticulously curated only the most relevant selection of Digital Marketing information to make understanding and utilizing these findings as simple as possible.

The book includes 8 chapters full of valuable information that will help take your Digital Marketing Strategy to the next level. The chapters were thoughtfully organized in a way that makes sense from a learning perspective and break down into actionable steps your business can implement immediately. When utilized effectively, you are able to make informed, data-driven decisions that allow you to level the playing field and reach more people.

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