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Watercolor portrait effect

Here are the steps in how to do a watercolor portrait effect in photoshop. Click here to see the video.

Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 18.08.52.png

1. Open up an image (portrait or other).

2. Make a duplicate of the image background layer (using layer panel option).

3. Create a new blank layer  (using layer panel option).

4. While working in the new blank layer go to the top menu “Select > all”

5. Then go to top menu  “Edit>fill>scroll to white”__make sure “preserve transparency box is unchecked”.

6. While the background layer is highlighted go to top menu “Select>all.

7.  Go to top menu again “Edit>copy”.

8. Create an alpha channel in the channels panel.

9. Make sure the Alpha 1 channel is selected  and then go to top menu “Edit >paste”

(now the digital selection mask is created in Alpha 1)

10. Find through a Google Search an interesting watercolor or oil texture at least  2  megabytes in size. Drag and drop that image onto a Photoshop layer.

Make sure the image fills up the entire Photoshop canvas .

11. Go to the layers panel and drag the white pixel layer so that is is directly below the watercolor layer.

12. Select the watercolor layer and then go to top menu “Select>load selection>
Alpha 1.

13. Now hit the delete button while selection Alpha 1 is active in the watercolour layer. The image should now appear. Go to top menu and “Select>deselect”