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Creative Strategy for Graphic Designer’s Social Media

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Graphic Designers normally use their social media to showcase their work. Today I am going to tell you what is the best strategy to have a good Social Sedia presence as a Graphic Designer.

1. Research!

Before starting anything, you should always research other people in your field to see what they are doing. What is working best for other graphic designers? Why do others not have a good Social Media presence? Are they missing something? What platforms best work for your field?

When you have all that information, you have to adapt it to your own Brand. May be you want things made a little different but always following what you know that works.

2. Keywords

It is very important to have a set of Keywords that relate directly to your brand. Therein ones in my case would be: Graphic Design, Portfolio, Creative, Ducky Designs, Anna Sala… I want to include those words as much as I can (without being excessive) into my pages so when someone searches for those, my page or user is the first one to pop in all platforms.

3. Timing and Tactics

It is very important to know what is the best time to post. For that you have to look into your analytics. What posts work best? Why? Was it because of the formatting of the post or because of the time you posted it? When you know all those things, you can start making little changes to get more engagement and slowly increase your presence.

4. Content Strategy

You have to make sure your contents follows a theme. People starts following you because they like your content. If you eventually start posting about something else, users might not like it anymore. A lot of changes or lack of consistency through platforms or in the same page is not a good strategy.

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5. URLs and Tagging

URLs are the #1 way that people is going to find you. As I mentioned before, you want people to find you easily in any platform. In order to achieve that, you name has to be consistent through all you pages.

Also, t is very important to tag and back link information. If you took a picture from somewhere else it is very important that you tag the author so it is not considered plagiarism. Same thing happens with information, cite everything that you did not create yourself.

Now you know what you need to have a good Social Media presence! Go and create your Social Media Strategy!