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Basic Principles for Web Design


As a graphic designer, I like everything to look nice. Design is part of our everyday life even without most of us realising. Take your eyes of your screen for a second and try to find something around you that has not been designed at all… Chairs, tables, your phone, computer, clothes, buildings and even your pencils were designed by someone, but, how important are those designs? Do you care if your pencil is another color? Would you care if your clothes were another color? Would this blog be as easy to read if my website looked like this?

Resultado de imagen para examples of bad websites

I don’t think so either.

Web design is one of the most important parts of anyone’s personal brand or company. Why? Would you buy on Amazon if their website looked like the one I showed before? NO!!! Your website is your face, your self presentation to any of your customers or followers. But… how do I make sure my website is well designed?

Here are some steps to follow:

  1. Have an objective

Are you trying to sell a product or service? Is your page a Blog? Are you showcasing your work/portfolio? Make sure what is your purpose for the website so you can design something accordantly of what you want and what your customers need.

    2. Typerface

Believe it or not, fonts are one of the most important things when delivering a message. Take a look at this:

Resultado de imagen para You will be mine font

Different right? Same thing happens in any type of message! For any website it is better if you use a Sans Serif Font as they are easier to read on a screen.

    3. Colors

The use of colors is one of the most important part of any design. We would rather buy a black shirt over a bright orange one, or the opposite depending on what we like, even if everything else is the exact same. Different colors have different effects in our brain. Blue for example is a relaxing color and red is related to passion and aggressiveness. Make sure you choose the right colors for tour self presentation.

    4. Navigation

Users need to find your content fast and easy. Make sure you make that happen with an easy navigation through the page. Once it is too complicated or too many items showing, users are going to get tired of trying to find the content and they will leave the page.

    5. Mobile friendly

Users are more frequently using their mobile devices or smartphones rather than their computers. Meaning that many people will visit your website from their phone and not their computer. You have to make sure the revise is also easy to navigate and eye appealing for those who use a smaller screen. Many platforms already have that feature included so you don’t  have to do it yourself!

With this basics you should have a good website to start you business! Good luck and good design!

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