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Future of Social Media

Social Media is the fastest growing community among the Internet users. In 2018 seven-in-ten Americans use Social Media to connect with one another, read the news, entertain themselves or share information. Meaning that 70% of all America is a Social Media User. Considering that in 2008 only 34% of Americans used at least one Social Media platform, we can definitely agree that it is growing at a tremendous speed. What can we do to be prepared for the fast growing and always changing Social Media?

Here are some tips:

1. Look at the changes as a way to grow

Many people is afraid to change. Change takes us out of our comfort zone and we as humans do not like that. Our comfort zone is the place where we control everything around us and when change happens or we are forced to alter what we control, we get scared. Nonetheless, changes can also, and many times, be beneficial for us.

If you have a personal brand based on Instagram and all of the sudden Instagram is not the most used platform anymore, you have to change to move with the trends. It might be sad because you worked so hard to build a community, but may be the new trendy platform will help you grow faster! Who knows? Do not be afraid of change!

2. Create a plan

Once you lost your fear for change, create a strategy. The best way to create one is by researching the platform. For example, Instagram is a picture based platform. Your plan cannot include lots of text on a picture based platform. When you have learned all about it, you can then create your strategy that bests fits the community wants and needs.

3. Keep trying

Even when you think that things do not work, keep trying. May be with the smaller adjustment in your strategy, you can reach your goals faster, but DO NOT GIVE UP. As I mentioned before, every platform has its community and purpose and understanding those will be your key to success!

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