graphic design

Cartoon Effect in Photoshop

For this effect you will only need one picture that you will be transforming into a cartoon picture.

  1. Open your picture in Adobe Photoshop
  2. Make a duplicate of the picture
  3. Make the Foreground color black (which will make the lines Black) and the Background color whatever you want for the skin (in this case) to be
  4.  Go to Filter > Filter Gallery
  5. Use the Sketch>Stamp Filter
  6. Using the Stamp option in the top left of the screen, adjust the Light/Dark Balance and the Smoothness to your likeness.
  7. Select the Background of your image and change de color so it is easy to distinguish the actual picture from the background
  8. DONE! you have your Barack Obama transformed into a cartoon character.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. As always, if you want to see the video click here or go to my instagram!


Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 10.37.39