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How to use Micro Influencers

As I mentioned in previous Blog posts, Internet and Social Media are the fastest growing communities of all. For that we need to use it in our company or business’ advantage in order to reach our goals. It is very hard to optimise your SEO and the you do, it might take months to see the results, so… how can I use Social Media to gain customers? Micro Influencers is one of your best options!

Micro influencers will drive customers into your site much faster. You telling you customers to buy your product/service is not much effective. But, when an outsider that influence the community tells them to buy your product/service they are more likely to do so just because they relate more to the individual itself.

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Here is how to use Micro Influencers for your benefit:

1. Campaign-Specific Hashtags

Hashtags that are specific to your brand and to your campaign is very successful in increasing brand awareness and driving your sales. This will allow influencers to find and connect your brand easily.

2. Leverage User-Generated Content

Try to make your users create the content for you. Engaging with users in order to make them post about your brand is the biggest and fastest word-of-mouth spreading.

3. How Do I Find a Micro Influencer for my Brand?

Find a person that has 1k-10k followers in your community or target market community that would be willing to talk about and promote your brand. The best options is giving out free products/services to that person and making them post about it. AND THAT’S IT!!!




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