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Web Design – Why shouldn’t you use Wix

Nowadays, Wix is one of the most important free website builder that exist. However, as a Graphic Designers it is not the best builder to use. But… why?

Wix is a “Drag and Drop” based builder. Although it is very easy to use, many graphic designers think it is not a good place to create your website or portfolio in. Let me explain you the reasons why Wix is not the best:

1. TOO easy?

Yes!! Although it is incredibly hard to believe, the fact that it is too easy to use is a downside. As a graphic designers we want people to value our work and we cannot take the easy way for something as important as web design. You can not pretend to be a web developer by saying “I created this website” but then making it with something that requires the least effort.


When looking at Wix’s code, we can see it is not the best. Its code has many errors that may mean a malfunction of our website. We do not want our website to not work right?

3. More Expensive

Although it is easier to use, it ends up being more expensive than other website builders. In order to not have Wix ads all around your website, you will have to pay a monthly fee on top of the domain fee that you already pay for. At the end, it ends up costing you more money than paying an actual web developer to make your website (professionally).

4. Not optimised for Search Engines (SEO)

If what you want is to be found when people search for your brand, Wix is definitely not your go to. Wix is not optimised for the Search Engines to find your website, meaning that your website will be the last option to show up in a Google, Yahoo or other searches.