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Have you ever tried being a few minutes without any technology distractions? Have you ever been isolated with no phone, TV, or electronics? The “solitude challenge” is meant for people to take a moment to themselves without being constantly connected. In today’s society that is not an easy thing to do and even less when you are a graphic designer when you need technology to make your designs real.

As a graphic designer, I tried the #solitudechallenge for straight 30 minutes. I wanted to see if it was possible to still get inspiration without constantly looking at social media for ideas. Also, without using the Adobe System to try make my ideas real.


On a sunny day, I sat by a big window for half an hour. I put my phone, laptop and any other electronic device away. In front of me there was only a sketchbook and a pencil case full of color pencils.


My objective was to create a piece of design for my next assignment only by looking around me. No social media or technology used. I could not look for other people work to get ideas. It was all about myself and the environment: in the room and outside the room.


At first, it was hard to know what to do. I was looking everywhere but without paying attention to one thing for more than two seconds. My eyes wanted to find some idea but without looking for details. I wanted something QUICK & EASY!! after a couple minutes I realised that I should focus on two to three things, look into the details and find characteristics or ideas that could be applied to my design.


A piece of design that instead of being simple and easy to understand, was more complex. As a designer, I think it was easy to understand the main idea at first sight, but they were more details that could only be noticed when looking more in depth to the design. Just like the nature I observed for those 30 minutes. I was completely impressed about how could getting away from the social media give me that much inspiration. Social Media give you 10 seconds of focus to one thing before you go to the next, sometimes even less. Getting away from it can help anyone find more in themselves.

I am sure I am going to do it again when I need inspiration. Let me know if you think the idea came out well after editing it and digitalising it!

Screenshot 2018-11-14 at 00.10.50
Visual Resume following Russian Constructivism style.